It's all about YOU

It's all about YOU
SAS® Software Education and Knowledge Testing



"Shrink wrapped courses" delivered to classes full of students from entirely different backgrounds, industries and technical capability. Using 'Sports Store'  data that does not reflect any of the complexities found in your own business and data processing environment. Provides little value toward getting your staff 'job ready' to work with SAS Software in YOUR organisation.



Our approach to SAS®   Software Education is entirely based on your needs! Not how well you conform to our standard course offerings.

  •  Our courses are entirely modular - Only choose the topics you need to learn
  • Patented training system that allows us to easily incorporate your data and  business scenarios into all of our classroom activities.
  • Training is delivered at your premises, using your own data and with only your team in attendance
  • Our Instructors are all SAS certified professionals with well over 10 years  experience
  • Pricing based on delivery days not per attendee
  • Prove your results with course specific Pre and Post Course testing

 Choose from one of our course templates or customise a course to suit your specific needs

 Contact us for any enquiries, or call our friendly staff to discuss your training needs

 1300 340 098 

YourTeamPlayer onsite SAS® Software Training

Entirely customised SAS® Software education

All courses are at YOUR site
All courses use YOUR DATA
All use YOUR computing environment
Only YOUR staff in attendance
Only dealing with YOUR data issues