About Us

YourTeamPlayer was formed in 2000 as Team Player by Adam Player and used as a SAS® Professional Services company. In 2009, the company made a shift in focus toward the provision of training and workshop style services. Since this time, the company changed name to YourTeamPlayer, has grown in staff numbers and has become a well recognised training provider; specifically in the areas of customised training and workshops catering to any level of SAS software experience and almost all SAS software products.


The director, Adam Player, has taught over 36 different SAS software standard courses and has conducted hundreds of courses for SAS® Institute Australia/New Zealand over the years as a SAS employee and as a contracted resource. He architected, set up and maintained the technical infrastructure for SAS software training centres across Australia and New Zealand, providing a technology template for future Asia Pacific development.

We work in combination with a number of veteran SAS Professionals and can provide a trainer with the most real world experience and qualifications to suit your particular requirements.



YourTeamPlayer onsite SAS® Software Training

Entirely customised SAS® Software education

All courses are at YOUR site
All courses use YOUR DATA
All use YOUR computing environment
Only YOUR staff in attendance
Only dealing with YOUR data issues