SAS 9.2 Platform Administratior

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This course will equip anyone needing to administer your SAS Platform. Covering topics from post installation, server and workload customisation, troubleshooting user and server issues thruough to best practices and methodologies for establishing a hassle free security model. Your team will gain hands on, practical and working understanding of all the components with class activities and exercises that reflect your SAS system setup.

Course Topics

SAS® Platform Administration
SAS® Platform Architecture overview
SAS® Platform Configuration
Accessing Data Sources and Shared Resources
SAS® Platform Security Metadata permissions and Securing your environment
Practical Troubleshooting SAS® Platform User Issues
Methodology for a Trouble Free Security Model
Considerations for Multiple Environments (Dev, Prod, etc.)
Regular Platform Maintenance Tasks
SAS® 9.2 Functionality Roles
SAS® 9.2 Logging Framework
SAS® 9.2 Metadata Security Reporting
SAS® Platform Administration - Case Study
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