SAS Enterprise Guide point and click query and reporting

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This course will show your team how to query your data from excel spreadsheets, databases and text files. Easily summarise and produce reports that look great all using point and click functionality. The methodology used in this course concentrates on the types of business analysis scenarios and data processing issues that your organisation comes across with exercises and activities centered around mastery of the skills for your environment. Not just how to click on the appropriate buttons.

In addition, you can provide some of the data used in the course. Or you can provide parameters in a spreadsheet that we throw into our 'course data generator' to contain a good mix of your own business rules to play with.

Course Topics

SAS Enterprise Guide®
SAS Enterprise Guide® Introduction
SAS Enterprise Guide® Accessing Data
SAS Enterprise Guide® Summarisation and Reporting Tasks
SAS Enterprise Guide® - Using SAS Functions and Formats Basics
SAS Enterprise Guide® Filter and Query Basics
SAS Enterprise Guide® Querying - Intermediate
SAS Enterprise Guide® Using Prompts
SAS Enterprise Guide® Controlling Output Format
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