Data Warehousing with SAS DI Studio

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Here you will be taught by a professional that has many years expericnce on Data Warehousing projects and will not just teach you how to work the interface. But will give you all the information you need to be 'Job Ready'. That means understanding design considerations, undocumented features and limitations of the system and many practical tips and ways to create jobs that make them easy understand, run efficiently and easy to maintain. The emphasis on this course is around hands on examples and how to work out the best approach. Rather than just showing you how to use the interface.

This is an intense but very rewarding course making you instantly productive on any SAS DI Studio site. You can also elect to take an extra day to get hands on experience with a sample DI project from begining to end.

Course Topics

SAS® Data Integration Studio
SAS® DI Studio - Data Warehouse design & planning
SAS® DI Studio - Change Management
SAS® DI Studio - Data sources and Process flows
SAS® DI Studio - Transforms to process data
SAS® DI Studio - Data lookup and validation
SAS® DI Studio - Getting the most from the Expression editor
SAS® DI Studio - Custom written and advanced Transforms
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