SAS Programming Fast Track

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This course covers all the basic and intermediate knowledge you need to manipulate and prepare data for any kind of analysis. Even if you are self taught or learned by copying other pieces of SAS code. This course will still open your eyes to how SAS processes your program, why certain common errors occur and how to work out the best programming approach to solve tasks. Learn all about SAS Data Steps, Proceedures, Functions, Formats and also touch on Structured Query Language (SQL) and SAS Macros.

Course Topics

SAS® Programming - Basics
SAS® Programming Basics
Proc SQL Basics
SAS® Programming - Intermediate
SAS® Level 2 Controlling data flow in the Data Step
SAS® Level 2 Intermediate Data Step processing
SAS® Level 2 Accumulating totals within the Data step
SAS® Level 2 Data Step Array processing
SAS® Level 2 Data Summarisation & Reporting Proceedures
SAS® Programming - Macro
SAS® Macros - Automatic Macros and Macros as parameters
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