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  • Whats new in SAS 9.2 DI Studio

    Upgrades to the SAS Data Integration Studio product have been significant and well overdue.

    SAS DI Studio now has features and capabilities that are well laid out and much more of an intuitive development tool than ever before. It actually allows you to develop and test your processes as you build them. Providing great interactive capabilities to help pre-warn you if something is not hooked up correctly. Nofifications icons that show you if there is any code or something of note that is hidden from view. Together with enhanced error reporting and performance tuning capabilities. It seems like an entirely new product.

    Approximately delivery time: 5 hours

  • Whats new in SAS 9.2 End user software

    Lecture style overview session covering basic changes and enhancements in the SAS 9.2 versions of all the following SAS products

    • SAS Enterprise Guide
    • SAS Information Map Studio
    • SAS Web Report Studio
    • SAS Information Delivery Portal / Dashboards
    • SAS OLAP Cube Studio
    • Data dependant, shared and interdependent parameters you can create.
    • New features to share data and capabilities

    Approximately delivery time: 7 hours

  • Whats new in SAS 9.2 Platform Administration

    Arguably the vast majority of changes between SAS 9.1 and SAS 9.2 are the changes made to the metadata archetecture.

    The basics remain much the same. But administration of the SAS 9.2 platform is almost entirely different. From enancements to metadata reporting and backups, to a change in focus and implementation of the security architecture and all the configurations in between.

    • Metadata backup, restoration jobs
    • Visual job scheduling interface
    • Enhanced permissions, security architecture and role based SAS software funcionality filtering.
    • Folder based approach to creating, using and sharing items.
    • New server types, configuration, logging and reporting capabilities.


    Approximately delivery time: 7 hours

  • Whats new in SAS 9.2 code

    This discussion covers a variety of the new data step capabilities, functions, formats, proceedures and macro facilities available in the SAS 9.2 release.

    Approximately delivery time: 2 hours

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